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5 Things To Do Before 30

These 13 things to do before 30 are good for your mental health, career, personal finance and it’s all about building a good rapport with your connections.

  1. Save at least Php3,000.00 a month and by the end of the year, you will have extra Php36,000.00 aside from your monthly salary and 13th month pay every December. Since it’s August already, you can still save Php3,000.00 until December and get Php15,000.00 by the end of December.
  2. Create a passive income to help you save more money for necessities and can be used as your financial aid in the future. Here are the passive income ideas you can start as early as now:

    -Create a YouTube account, publish tutorial videos about topics you are really good at, and put ads on it.

    -Rent the extra room in your house, you can accept referral tenants from your friends and colleagues.

    -If you’re living near establishments and you have extra space in your facility, entice business owners to put a banner at your property. Let them pay you either in a monthly or annual basis for being a promotion venue for this business.

    -Franchise an established business, it can be a food cart, self-laundry business, restaurant or water-refilling station.
    -Sell products digitally.
  3. Attend workshops related to your field, or professional gathering on weekends. This is to enhance your knowledge and skills.
    5 Things To Do Before 30
    Attending professional gatherings can help you widen your networks, as well as you will meet the best people that you can look up to and start following their footsteps on how to become successful.
    Workshops and professional gathering are the best alternatives of partying on weekends!
  4. One of the best things to do before 30 is to avail an insurance plan, which is a perfect fit for your needs. Insurance plan serves as your protection against liabilities, helps you to fund your kids’ education in the future, and it will protect your family’s financial needs even when you are no longer around.
  5. Spend one weekend in a hotel to relax and come back at work on Monday with full strength and determination of accomplishing more tasks. This is one of the best things to do before 30.
    5 Things To Do Before 30
    Sometimes we tend to overwork ourselves without resting and lead us to feel exhausted in life.

Doing any of these things to do before 30 can make your life better. Remember, no matter what happens in the country’s economy, your knowledge and skills will stay with you.

Furthermore, your future depends on how you invest in yourself, so you’d better start as early as before you reach 30.

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