Meralco To Refund 1B To Costumers Due To “Miscalculations”

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has ordered the Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) to refund 1B to customers, due to miscalculations ERC has discovered from the period of June 2018 until May 2019.

Customers in Luzon and Visayas will receive 1.4 billion refunds, and 321.4 million refunds to customers of other utilitt distributions as well as the electric cooperatives.

According to ERC Chair Agnes Devanadera the refund should implement immediately, she stated:

“The remaining amount of P371 million will be due generation companies, retail electricity suppliers and directly connected customers. We have directed the Philippine Electricity Market Corp. (PEMC) to immediately effect the refund.”

To prevent such miscalculations in the long run, ERC demand PEMC to submit monthly accurate reports. The submission of monthly reports aims to not compromise the public benefit of reasonable pricing, and customers will not be held liable for paying miscalculation electric consumption charges.

In line with this, the Philippines Competition Commission (PCC) decides to collaborate with ERC to investigate the power sector players.

As of the moment, the PCC is currently investigating whether these miscalculations are the results of unplanned breakdowns or manipulated just to raise electricity prices.

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